STORM FURY    Powered By Rotax or Lycoming engines



   STORMAIRCRAFT GROUP   revolutionizes the all-metal fixed gear aircraft design with the introduction of the new STORM FURY. Developed by STORM RG, the STORM FURY design can be considered the STORM RG “brother”, with the added  possibility to choose between the conventional gear version or the three gear version. The line appears immediately fascinating, racy and aggressive at the same time. The wings area and the tail area result adequate to expected performance of STORM FURY.

   With minimal seams and a low-drag surface, STORM FURY  can reach higher cruise speeds than other Storm Aircraft, even with fixed gear and one of the widest cabins in its class.

The STORM FURY is the newest model in the popular all-metal Storm aircraft series from STORMAIRCRAFT GROUP, offering more performance, more racy attitude and many new standard features.




     The all-metal, two-seat design features the new fin design from Storm RG, as well as many additional new features. Such for Storm RG, the fin had to perform up to the tremendous top speeds that pilots expect from Storm aircraft. However, the same emphasis was placed on low speed handling. To keep area to a minimum, the fin has a unique double taper to maximize the lift distribution from root to tip. This also allowed to eliminate all "washout" which can compromise efficiency.

     This new airfoil creates extensive laminar flow across more than 50% of the surface. The low-drag laminar "bucket" is also wider than before, further increasing overall performance. The result is very carefully "tuned" fin design, which enhances overall aircraft performance. STORMAIRCRAFT GROUP is very pleased that the new STORM FURYdesign as for Storm RG exceeds all expectations, with lower stall speed; better roll rate, improved low speed handling and higher top speeds. Ultra-high-speed cruise, comfortable control stick forces are the result of an intense design process.



     At the other end of the performance spectrum, the STORM FURY ’s low-speed roll control is nothing short of remarkable, and the stall attitude  is "straight ahead." The addition of simplified Fowler flaps further increases the wing’s maximum lift coefficient to enhance this low speed handling. This translates into the safety of slower approaches and shorter landing distances.    



   The STORM FURY as well as all Storm aircraft is easy to build, easy to fly, a true high performance airplane with the ability to make long cross country trips. No other aircraft in this class offers the quality, performance, stability, comfort, styling and superior design of the standard STORM FURY

. In addition to Ready to Fly version the STORM FURY  is available in different kit form. All Storm kits models are constructed with the finest quality materials available from aerospace industry. Most of the hardware, metal, parts and components are either certified aircraft quality or of comparable quality. Because materials invested in the construction of your kit are so important, you simply get the BEST! 



    STORM  FURY  Rotax  Engines


2 Seats


 2 + 2

 Cabin Widht

 1,12 mt


 7,20 mt

 Wing Span

 8,60 mt

 Wing Area

 11,098 m2

 Empty Weight

 290 kg


 410 kg

 Capacity Usuable Fuel ( 100 lt - 160 lt Long Range tanks)  

 750 kg

 Range 75% of Power

 1600 - 2580 km


 1300 - 2000 km

 Takeoff Distance

 125 mt


 150 mt

 Landing Distance

 160 mt


 190 mt

 Climb Rate

 1000 ft/m


 1200 ft/m


 63 km/h


 65 km/h


 72 km/h


 75 km/h

 V max.

 248 km/h


 255 km/h

 Vcr @ 75% of Power

 220 km/h


 230 km/h


 320 kmh


 320 km/h

 Engine Rotax

 100 hp


 115 hp T


Engines Option








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