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  • Producing Aircrafts from 30 years  without ever a structural failure or anomaly such as to cause an accident
  • 5 years Warranty*, Continuous research on aerodynamics, safety and performances.
  • Spacious and comfortable cabins to accommodate pilot and passengers large size.
  • In the luggage compartment of the 2-seater versions you can load 80 kg or a volume of 0.6 cubic meters.
  • The quality / price ratio is certainly the most competitive on the international market.
  • Maintenance and repairs are extremely easy thanks to the very detailed maintenance and assembly manuals



     If you want to save money and time look at the STORM and RALLY Kits pages. Our kits are highly prefabricated, the 3D assembly manuals available online will follow you step by step without the possibility of errors or uncertainties. You don't need jigs, the parts are cut and drilled with numerical control machines, no welding to be done, no lamination of the composites only gluing with structural glue.

  • Whatever uncertainty or difficulty you encounter, our engineers will assist you in video conference

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  RALLY Amphibian