STORM VANTAGE   Powered By Rotax or Lycoming engines




  Storm Vantage SLSAis an all-metal lowwing rcraft. Cutting edge aerodynamic design technology enables all of the aircraft’s outside surfaces to generate life, thereby, addingmeasurably to the performance, stability, and fuel efficiency of this sleek new entry in the US SLSA market.

 The Storm Vantage SLSAis available in tricycle or conventional landing gear. The wide cockpit area allows for ample room for the pilot, passenger and baggage. The highly developed canopy design provides outstanding visibility for pilot and passenger. The aircrafts large fuel tanks, and advanced low flight drag design give the aircraft exceptional cruising distance.

  Longer than other Storm’ models (12 inches more than Storm Century), the fuselage of Storm Vantage consists of two basic sections: the first section includes landing gear beam, wing beam and cabin section, and the sheet-metal tail cone section.


  State of the art Italian design!

















          Storm  designed aircraft, with over 30 years experience in the aviation business

  • All metal constructed airframe. Available in taildragger or conventional landing gear
  • Nose wheel steering via rudder peddles
  • Pilot and co-pilot operated differential hydraulic disk toe brakes
  • Roomier interior; two 6 ft. plus size people sitting comfortably in a cockpit - 43.3 inches wide Large oversized one-hundred pound capacity luggage compartment.
  • Over 300 + degrees of visibility from adjustable seats using four point harness restraints
  • Complete interior paneling throughout with carpeted decks for a fully finished cockpit area
  • Cockpit heating and air ventilation. Secure key door locks with fore and aft stainless steel locking pins
  • Very stylish molded instrument panel superbly designed to easily relate vital pilot information 
  • Electric elevator trim activated by multi-function control grips with panel indicator lights
  • Electric fowler flaps. Automatic push button operation to four preset settings with manual over-ride
  • All cabling and wiring fully enclosed, flight controls operated via push rods and stainless steel cables
  • High strength aluminum leaf landing gear legs to arrest aggressive landings
  • Uncompromised fit and finish using high quality epoxy coating materials for extended attractive life
  • Uses the defacto engine standard. The Rotax 100 hp. 912S and 3 blade carbon fiber manual adj. prop
  • Low fuel burn and low maintenance cost and upkeep encourages maximum utilization
  • Possibly the best product warrantees you will find for a Light Sport Aircraft
  • Manufactured to or beyond the ASTM standards established for Light Sport Aircraft



      The Storm Vantage SLSAcan be used for VFR night flight and/or IFR flight operations (provided the individual aircraft is equipped with the required FAA-Federal Aviation Administration certified equipment for these operations).This aircraft offers exceptional performance,stability, pleasure, economy and safety to the sport pilot.. but also provides all other certificated airment new opportunities for affordable personal aircraft ownership and air travel. Get above the traffic jams and highway stress with an aircraft that will get you there and back for less than half the fuel and time that an automobile can!













   The empennage (tail) of the new Strom Vantage demonstrates the design and construction efficiency of Storm Aircraft. The tail is comprised of a single horizontal tail (stabilator) and a single vertical tail (rudder). The stabilator is dynamically balanced and mounted to the fuselage with two large steel bearings. Operation of the stabilator is through the push-pull movement of the control wheel yoke control. The "flying tail" stabilator is equipped with dual trim tabs (interconnected) mounted on the trailing edge. The trim tab is actuated by an electric trim motor, which is activated by the pilot by moving a electric trim wheel, similar to conventional aircraft.


  STORM  VANTAGE    Engines  100 to 180 hp


2 Seats


Experimental   2 + 2

 Cabin Widht

 1,12 mt


 7,20 mt

 Wing Span

 8,60 mt

 Wing Area

 11,098 m2

 Empty Weight

 290 kg


 410 kg


600 kg 

 750 kg

 750 kg

 Capacity Usuable Fuel ( 100 lt - 160 lt Long Range tanks)  


 Range 75% of Power

 1600 - 2580 km


 1300 - 2000 km

 Takeoff Distance

 125 mt


 180 mt

 Landing Distance

 160 mt


 210 mt

 Climb Rate

 1000 ft/m


 1200 ft/m


 63 km/h


 68 km/h


 72 km/h


 78 km/h

 V max.

 248 km/h


 290 km/h

 Vcr @ 75% of Power

 220 km/h


 275 km/h


 320 kmh


 320 km/h

 Engine Rotax 100 to 140 hp  -  Lycoming

 100 hp


 160 hp




 Rotax 915 - 141 hp

 Lycoming IO 360  - 160 hp


 Rotax 9120 IS  -  100 hp

 Lycoming 233 S  -  115 hp









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